We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and, of course, cash! We do not take personal checks.

For your protection, if your credit/debit card is not signed we do ask for ID.

We have been known to get you a cake at the last minute, but it is best to give us 24-48 hours to ensure you get the kind of cake you want.

Some of our items sell out fast, so it is best to call and order it in the morning or the day before and we will be happy to save it for you.

The week before a major holiday is generally pretty hectic so it is best to call at least a week in advance to place your order.

We use peanuts and tree nuts in our facility. As such we can’t guarantee that even if the item doesn’t contain these items, they may have come into contact with them.

Most of our items come out of the oven by 6am. We can’t always be sure they will be available and packed by then, so we can’t guarantee orders before 7am. Cakes and decorated cakes are the exception.